JUNE 2024

KAY PRODUCCIONS has been in charge of supplying and installing the new observation and simulation room for LAB_06. From QSC, with its matrix and camera system, from AUDIOTECHNICA, with its new intelligent microphone system and from MARTIN, with high-end ceiling speakers.

The building houses the classrooms and spaces intended for the teaching of the Master's Degree in Early Childhood Education and the CFGS in Early Childhood Education, that of masters and postgraduates in the pedagogical field and that linked to research and innovation in the field of education The building is also home to Lab 0-6, the center for the promotion of science education at an early age, and the Center for Innovation and Educational Training (CIFE), dedicated to the permanent training of teachers of all educational stages. In the building there is also the Upetita nursery school for children up to the age of 3, open to all citizens.

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